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To All Mah Peeps
Supah Booty: Tha Almighty Ghetto!!!!

I, from time to time, just need to let people know how important they are to me.  These people have been so wonderful to me; listening to me, supporting me, loving me to no end, and showing me true friendship.  I just want you to know how much I love you, and I want to say thank you for being there.

*Kaleb-for showing me so much unconditional love, adoring me, teaching me so many new things, and blessing me with the opportunity to be your mommy
*Frankie-for choosing me as the person to share the rest of your life with
*Mom-for molding me into the person I am today and showing me that special momma love
*Andy-for always asking me for hugs, even when I sometimes get annoyed because you give me so many; you still let me know that I'm a special person in your life
*Jamey-for the kisses on the cheek, the I-love-you's, and the hugs you always give me before you go to bed
*Dad-for taking the responsibility you didn't have to and always letting me know that I'm still your little girl, no matter how old I am
*Papaw-for explaining to me that the glass is only half-full or half-empty depending on how thirsty you are
*Mamaw-for those times on the swing when we would sing songs right up until my bedtime
*Uncle Larry-for instilling in me pride and respect and to hold my head up high, and for being the one person I love to argue with
*Uncle Brian-for showing me just how much you care about me by letting me be the ONLY person to have a drink right next to your computer

*Aunt Connie-for being there to laugh and cry with me, and for showing me a window into my own life because we are so much alike

*Aunt Missy-for getting down and playing barbies with me, and for just being my "ant missy"
*Sidnee-for putting a smile on my face by reminding me how much better a cook you are than me
*Brianna-for joining me in my silliness when it gets too late and we both are really tired but not wanting to go to sleep
*Kylee-for the way she looks up to me, and for telling me that she likes the way my hair looks when I dance in it
*Travis-for letting me take over your room when I come to stay the night, and for doing the spider face for me
*Chase-for letting me tickle you endlessly just so I can hear that cute hearty laugh of yours
*Lexi-for the times you really want ME to hold you when you reach out your arms for me to pick you up, and for being Kaleb's partner in crime
*Kelly-for the way you think I'm so cool when I pick you up from school, and for being the only girl I know who can gross someone out just as good as the boys
*Frank & Tina, Frank & Dora, Wanda & Lee, Rick & Linda, and Scott & Jeannie-for accepting me into your family and loving me like one of your own
*Whitney-for having the ability to pick me up when I'm feeling down, giving me strength and hope and faith, even if you are feeling down, too
*Gene-for being like the older brother and always picking on me, making me laugh
*Mike-for adopting me as your sister, giving me advice, and letting me know that you understand and respect me, even if I'm wrong

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